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Common Questions

  • How do I clean my cabinets?

    Cleaning your wood finish or PVC cabinets is quite easy and requires little special care. They are durable finishes that clean easily with mild detergents or just water. Visit our care and maintenance guide for details.

  • How do I adjust my drawers and doors?

    Sometimes in may become necessary to adjust your drawer or door alignment. Settlement of the House or removal and replacement of your door or drawer can put it a bit out of whack. Visit our care and maintenance guide to find how easy and multi-adjustable our hardware is.

  • How long is the warranty on my Muskoka Cabinets?

    Our commitment on service and warranty is extended to you through your builder or cabinet dealer. We stand proudly behind our product and provide a comprehensive warranty that allows you to enjoy your cabinetry for many years. Please contact your builder or dealer for service you require under their warranty program.
  • Where can I purchase our Muskoka Cabinetry?

    Our dealer network is ever-expanding. Our network is currently growing throughout Ontario. Please visit us here often to see if we are getting close to your area. You are always welcome to visit our Company Showroom in Ottawa or contact us at 613-526-2261.

View our cabinet care documentation for more information on how to care for your cabinets.


Muskoka is a proud manufacturer and distributor of Breathe Easy Cabinetry.

Breathe Easy Cabinets are constructed of non-toxic, environmentally friendly products such as responsibly harvested solid wood, formaldehyde-free cabinets, and non-toxic water-based glues and finishes.

Find out more about our Breathe Easy Cabinetry.

"Everyday that I am in my kitchen I realize the extra touches and the difference with Muskoka's custom approach. It truly is a custom kitchen. You never said something couldn't be done. Instead you figured out a way to incorporate ideas and tweak them based on your vast kitchen design experience."

- Karen Chadwick